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                                     Astrological Natal Charts for Newborns

always seems as if someone I know is pregnant and entering the queue for her
turn on the wild ride of parenting. It’s a rare and exceptional feeling when a
baby growing deep in your belly moves, hiccups, kicks, stretches and turns over
in hopes of a satisfying position. It is an indelible experience that we never

wonder and excitement is no less for those parents who wait, hope, dream, fill
out adoption forms in triplicate and wait for their child. You can be sure
those tiny souls will find the family that they have chosen, who will help them
love and grow and master their souls intent.

matter how we come together, children are the giver of treasures that we are at
times happier to receive than others. My children are the greatest catalyst of
personal change and growth in my life I have known, and I am eternally grateful
for the grace they bring.

a doubt, the arrival of our bundles of joy changes our lives completely,
usually in ways we cannot foresee. In the beginning, we sacrifice everything by
putting their needs first. Our sleep, our freedom, personal time, romantic
time, the simple ability to use the bathroom or brush our teeth seem to come
second, third, or we forgo them altogether. Parents go without so their
children don’t have to and we do these things happily and without question.

      When I
am invited to baby showers to celebrate the coming event, I like to give a
little something different than the usual, but necessary fare. In the past, I
scoured baby websites, bookstores and specialty shops to find that one special
gift. But now I’ve discovered what I’m pretty sure is the perfect new baby gift
that will likely not be repeated at a shower, a gift certificate for the baby’s
Astrological Natal Chart, which will be based on the baby’s upcoming birthdate,
time and place. .

highly unlikely that we are born in the same place and the same second as
another human being, so our birth charts are an astrological fingerprint or map
of the potential in our lives.         

      I can’t
believe it took me so long to decide on this unique gift that will help mom and
dad understand and prepare for that special someone who will be part of their
life forever and who comes first no matter what.     

      You may know a talented astrologer but if
you don’t, I highly recommend my longtime friend, Kaye Sturgis. You can find
her on www.KayeSturgis.com.

      For all
the new parents and soon to be parents, I wish you luck, happiness and the most
extraordinary ride of your lives.


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