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August 15, 2019
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August 16, 2019


Cargo pants may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but relaxed wear clothes are becoming the norm and from a style perspective they’re definitely a step up from yoga pants… in many ways! These utilitarian, wardrobe workaholics can camouflage a myriad of midlife misfortunes! Even if a cargo or jogger pant isn’t your style, there are a zillion twists on the classic version that likely will convert even the most steadfast objector not to mention there being oodles of ways to style them!  

It’s all good news for those who live in the desert or anywhere with summer soaring temperatures! Already pining for jeans, the prospect of pulling on what closely resembles a heavy-duty canvas tarp and lugging oneself around in 110 degrees Fahrenheit isn’t going to cut the “cool cat” image no matter how cute those jeans are!  So, whilst fall still seems like eons away, chill, and get yo’self some baggy, lightweight, airy cargo pants, and re-ignite the cool chic you. Fall will be here before you know it and look at you… already street styled to perfection with this season’s transitional pantaloon!  

I chose to go big with these cargo pants from Zara – linked HERE. Whilst I’m a stickler for the perfect fit, I prefer the vibe of the baggier style cargo pant – more urban and gritty.  The olive or military green keeps the look classic. 

Styled up for a date night, heels instantly elevate the look. White heels, linked HERE, add an element of surprise as well as keep it summery and feminine! A cropped poofy top sits perfectly at the pants higher waist line cautiously sparing the faint of heart by providing only a hint of midriff peek-a-boo! Finished with some girly accessories – a glam GG pearl buckle belt and asymmetrical porcelain flower earrings linked HERE.


Same look dressed down!

Here’s almost the same outfit dressed down for daytime shopping and errands, but still chic enough to indulge in a happy hour cocktail should the need arise.  Switch out the heels for strappy flats with just a hint of bling and the orange tone macrame tote replaces the chic leather clutch. Aviator sunnies add to the youthful sporty vibe. 

For the street style chic or weekend warrior – camo sneaks kicks it into action and a vinyl cropped water-resistant baggy jacket offers a cool but useful layer. A fanny pack worn cross body or as it was intended keeps the hands free for on-the-go activities. Add to the sporty vibe with graduated lens aviators. 


For other ways to style cargo jogger pants for the summer, consider a slinky camisole or slim fitting body suit… take it into fall by adding a blazer and heels.  A flowy shirt tucked in with elegant pumps makes for another season-transitional look. And as the cooler temps set in, don’t forget a chunky oversized sweater with the obligatory half tuck to display a cool belt buckle, a look that would work with both a biker boot, Doc Martins or a heeled ankle boot.  

There are plenty of cargo pants to choose from as they’re a popular choice moving forward into fall. They can be found with or without the elasticated ankle cuff, a variety of fabric choices, cuts, as well as varying degrees of utility pockets and gadgetry.  I’ve linked several other cute styles I found below. 

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Here are some of the other pieces that make up the looks in this post:
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