Celebrate Yourself — Nita Lapinski

November 28, 2018
Misconceptions — Nita Lapinski
January 16, 2019


Summer in Arizona brings relentless moisture-sucking heat. If we aren’t lucky enough to take a vacation and flee the blazing sun, we become vampire-like creatures, venturing outside under the cover of darkness or dense shade. 

Waves of heat like clever marionettes dance above asphalt as I peer through the window.  Exhausted already, I step outside into heat that feels like it’s drying the marrow from my bones.  Glancing upward, I see a brilliant blue sky, cloudless and vast, which softens my judgment. Though unnaturally hot, it’s hard to be disgruntled when surrounded by the Sonoran Desert beauty, and I wonder, What can one really do in this heat?

I realize with some delight that it’s the perfect time to celebrate and congratulate ourselves on how we have grown. To literally have a party! Often, we make small strides in our lives and forget to acknowledge a desired change in behavior or recognize the ways we have accomplished empowerment. We are too hard on ourselves. So what better time is there to lift ourselves or others up? Have a little party, treat ourselves with a massage, spa day, or do something that we have put off splurging on. 

Too often, we focus on our imperfections and miss our own achievements. We don’t look at ourselves with genuine glee and satisfaction. Even if you don’t live in the Valley of the Sun, why wait? Invite your friends, family, or just wear a little party hat and celebrate yourself. I’m certain you deserve it.    


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