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January 17, 2019
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January 17, 2019


The current obsession with animal print is rather like a number one hit record. Every time you turn on the radio, it’s that song playing again and everywhere you look, it’s animal print again! 

Before the numbness sets in and we go off it altogether, the fashion powers that be have decided to spice things up! What better way than to throw in some unexpected colors. Rich deep reds, blues, greens and yellows are now sporting our beloved leopard spots and snake prints, yes indeed… step aside neutrals, colored prints matter!


It’s bold, it’s daring and it’s downright fierce, plus it takes the glam element of animal print to a whole new level. I opted for a deep red leopard midi dress for my pick of the trend. This one from Zara (linked HERE) was an inexpensive yet brazen way to embrace the color within my existing animal print collection. It’s a great way to wear red around your face if you don’t want to be overcome with it. The black spots break it up nicely. 

Heels and a leather moto jacket slung casually over the shoulders, contrasting gold statement earrings and an over-sized clutch… giving me lots of drama without over accessorizing, good for day or night!

The other important element for me, concerning the decision to choose a red print, is it’s totally on queue for the holidays. The perfect color to enjoy family gatherings, impromptu happy hours and festive frivolities.

But colored animal print comes with a warning, it can tend to look tacky. Avoid this by choosing pieces in a modest style and/or quality fabric. This dress, with its high neck, long length and sleeves eliminates the bad taste that may come from a low-cut shorter dress in the same print. It’s rather like driving a Ferrari at the speed limit – classy with nothing to prove! Or, drive flat out in a Fiat Punto, (everything to prove), and get a speeding ticket – embarrassing! People are staring either way, but not always for the right reasons!

A change of scenery and vibe in the next look by adding a belt and booties. Just so happens the red suede boots (linked HERE) match the red in the dress perfectly, and the black elastic side panels compliment the whole ensemble.  Boots add a wintry theme, black boots, even knee-high boots look fabulous also, I tried it!


What, no red carpet? No problem! I’ve got all the red I need!


Keeping the look funky and fun with a fringe bag!
No need to fear being ensconced in a bold trend, it’s there to be played with. Embrace it however you like, be it in bite size chunks like a scarf, a blouse, or a shoe.  Take it to the extreme with an entire dress, pant suit or overcoat.  The choice is yours.  But whatever piece you choose, and whatever color you pick, your glam level is bound to go up several notches! 

I’ve included some fabulous finds in colored animal prints in the links below – a range of pieces including shoes and accessories as well as clothing. 

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