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I’ve always had a love for words since I was a child.  Since my young age, I was asked to study words and their meaning.  It is through this time at school, that I became enamored in understanding them and how we are able to convey an idea, a thought and our feelings.
Through my studies, I picked up a fascination with taking the letters inside of the word.  From there, I would try scrambling them up to discover they could mean something new.
That process led to me to the idea of taking a word, then each letter in the word, adding an entirely new set of words.  I was looking to put a spin, or my own definition, to those letters to convey a deeper meaning for that particular word.
These new extended words, I call: Companionyms.  Companionyms are to give greater meaning to words, which allows them to come to life more. In my creative process, I also realized that If I  was taking a word, with a negative connotation, I was putting a most positive slant to them.
 It’s a pleasure creating these and sharing them with those of you who love the written word and all of it’s fascinating potential.

Joe DiBello, Author


Companionyms – Words with Meaning for an Inspired Life.

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