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January 17, 2019
Tabata HIIT – Above and Beblonde
January 17, 2019


Getting fit has its challenges, but the approaching holiday season is already starting with the allure of candy – parties – and anything pumpkin flavored.  October also means cooler weather, and you can still take the opportunity to try new things to get fit outside.

Many believe that taking your poses outside by boost its potency.

There’s a beautiful thing that happens when you leave the confines of the yoga studio—the walls come down, mentally as well as physically. “Fresh air encourages people to breathe a little easier, and being outside feels less confining, which often results in people stretching more deeply and opening their bodies more freely,” says Rebecca Weible, the founder of Yo Yoga in New York City, which offers classes outside.

The benefits extend down to the ground you’re standing on. If you’re practicing on grass or sand, the uneven surface may make it harder to balance, but the stability challenge can strengthen your core and leg muscles, Weible says. The nonuniform terrain also forces you to pay more attention to your alignment, she says, which helps you maintain focus and connect to something greater than yourself.

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A new study showed that most people will instinctively reach out for sweets (or carbs) after a workout – even those in great shape.  So, if you feel like this post work out – don’t worry you’re not alone and it’s normal but try and choose healthy choices as to not undermine your fitness efforts.

Apparently, the instinct to reach for something sweet after a workout isn’t abnormal. Exercise makes people crave dessert, per a recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology.

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Have you noticed that everyone is obsessed with Pumpkins as soon we get close to October?

Candy, pastries, coffee, and candles – nothing is safe from the October Pumpkin mania.  Just because you’re getting fit and healthy doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your favorite pumpkin treat.

Only thing is, pumpkin spice goodies, while admittedly delicious, are often high in calories, fat, and added sugar. It’s totally cool to enjoy the occasional PSL, or to get down with some pumpkin spice ice cream when the occasion is right. But, for true pumpkin spice obsessives who want to eat it all hours of the day, it’s good to keep some healthier options in mind, too.

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So, what if you sneak a few mini candy bars from your trick-or-treaters’ stash or grab a handful of M&Ms when you pass the office Halloween bowl? You can burn ’em off in no time with these strategies.  This great article tells you how many calories are packed into your favorite treats and how to overcome the season with fun fitness activities that let you enjoy yourself but not lose track of your health goals.

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Men’s Fitness compiled a wonderful table for your quick reference.

How much time you’d have to spend running, swimming, cycling, sparring, and lifting those calories away?  Consider this your Halloween wakeup call. Read, then consider this: Is running like a hamster on a wheel worth the sugar binge?


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – 5 miniatures 220 13g 17 mins. 15 mins. 39 mins. 26 mins. 17 mins.
Kit Kat – 2 fun size bars 210 11g 16 mins. 15 mins. 37 mins. 24 mins. 16 mins.
Sour Patch Kids – 1 fun size pack 210 0g 16 mins. 15 mins. 37 mins. 24 mins. 16 mins.
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses – 9 pieces 200 12g 16 mins. 14 mins. 35 mins. 23 mins. 16 mins.
Butterfinger – 2 fun size bars 170 7g 13 mins. 12 mins. 30 mins. 20 mins. 13 mins.
Snickers – 2 fun size bars 160 8g 12 mins. 11 mins. 28 mins. 19 mins. 13 mins.
Twix – 2 fun size bars 160 8g 12 mins. 11 mins. 28 mins. 19 mins. 13 mins.
Almond Joy – 2 snack size bars 160 9g 12 mins. 11 mins. 28 mins. 19 mins. 13 mins.
Mounds – 2 snack size bars 160 7g 12 mins. 11 mins. 28 mins. 19 mins. 13 mins.
Starbursts – 8 pieces 160 3g 12 mins. 11 mins. 28 mins. 19 mins. 13 mins.
Candy Corn – 19 pieces 140 0g 10 mins. 9 mins. 23 mins. 15 mins. 10 mins.
Gummi Bears – 14 pieces 130 0g 10 mins. 9 mins. 23 mins. 15 mins. 10 mins.
Three Musketeers – 2 fun size bars 127 4g 10 mins. 9 mins. 22 mins. 15 mins. 10 mins.
York Peppermint Pattie – 2 snack size patties 120 2g 9 mins. 8 mins. 21 mins. 14 mins. 9 mins.
Tootsie Rolls – 5 pieces 117 2.5g 9 mins. 8 mins. 20 mins. 14 mins. 9 mins.
Peanut M&Ms – 1 fun size pack 90 5g 8 mins. 6 mins. 16 mins. 11 mins. 7 mins.
Skittles – 1 fun size pack 60 0.5g 5 mins. 4 mins. 11 mins. 7 mins. 5 mins.


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