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April 10, 2019
Creamy Crockpot Green Beans Potatoes and Ham
Creamy Crockpot Green Beans Potatoes and Ham
April 11, 2019


Thank you to two of my blogging friends Hilda Smith and Robin Lamonte who both nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hilda and Robin are both loyal insta-friends who I very much look forward to meeting one day.  We’ve followed each other on social media for a while as women of a certain age with something to say… which we do via our blogs! I’m greatly chuffed that fellow bloggers like my work, the nomination is a lovely surprise. 

The purpose of the award is to get to know other bloggers who bring sunshine to the blogging community and inspire by their creativity and positive outlook. 

Hilda’s blog is an absolute delight, covering everything from her home country of Ireland and beyond, style, beauty and midlife wellness. Her cheerful easy manner will certainly bring sunshine to your day, stop by Over the Hilda and see for yourself!

Robin is a skilled interior designer whose eye for style goes way beyond interiors. Her boundless energy and commitment to wellness as we age and her bright and positive attitude makes her blog a go-to for living our best midlife! Meet Robin over at Hello I’m 50ish.

I was further surprised yesterday by another lovely lady Lisa, who gave me a nomination. Thank you Lisa from Midlife in Bloom. Lisa’s blog is as charming as she is in person. Since I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, I know first hand. I am feeling thoroughly spoiled!


as part of the award I was asked some questions:

Why did you start a blog?
My fifties brought about a sense of discontent with a longing to embark on something new and exciting. Running a business that I’d started fifteen years prior to blogging was getting old and less exciting as the years rolled on, burned-out is a phrase that comes to mind!

I accidentally stumbled upon a fashion blog and learned that this was the way forward for brands to advertise and people to shop online. With a lifelong interest in fashion, along with numerous other things I enjoy, writing being one of them, re-inventing myself being another, I decided there was room for this old blogger to join the party!

How did you come up with the name for your blog?
I spent weeks thinking about this as I went about my business. I wanted something catchy, fun and at the same time felt was ‘me’. I had lots of ideas all which hubby screwed his nose up at. Then one day it came to me, just popped into my head (as most of my best ideas do) … Above and Beblonde, hubby’s nose stayed still and his head began nodding in a gingerly motion of agreement. Sorted! I’ve always been blonde, I always strive to go above and beyond, and it was fun and catchy! 

How do you get the ideas for your posts?
Things I see in the fashion industry such as a new trend and style. If I love it and would wear it I’m inspired to write about it. I really do wear what I like and not what a woman in her late fifties is pigeon holed into wearing.

I glean a lot from the comments people leave on my daily Instagram posts, recognizing that things I take for granted other people look for help with, those things may turn into blog posts!

Tennis and my general outdoorsy active lifestyle are easy topics, I hope to encourage women to be more active as we age. 


2001 – Riding through the Saguaro National Forest from the Tanqueverde Dude Ranch where I met a short term cow-beau!

​Tell me five fun facts about yourself

  1. I once dated a wrangler I met on a dude ranch in Tucson AZ. It didn’t last very long once I discovered he was the farthest thing from a cowboy there could possibly be, his accent was fake and he was Scottish… WTH! 
  2. In 1981 (I think), I strolled into Molton Brown’s hairdressing salon in London and demanded the ‘Creative Director’ do something fun and ‘creative’! As a side note, I’ve never done such a foolish thing since! I left there with a Mohican, pink highlights and a long pony tail down my back which was his token gesture to my comment “I do rather prefer long hair!”  What’s even funnier is that I was a receptionist at the time in a top London hotel and somehow miraculously kept my job!   
  3. I was deported from the United Arab Emirates when I was 22 years old – very innocent back story, but too long to go into here!
  4. When I was 29, I received a second degree burn on the inside of my right calf whilst wearing shorts courtesy of a Harley Davidson. This earned me a ton of street cred for years until it faded. People asked, “Is that a bike burn?” “No” I would say, “this is a Harley burn”! 
  5. My husband and I compete vigorously for our dog Rigsby’s affection. However, Rigsby loves me more… just saying! 

Salt Spring Island BC where I gained a “Harley Burn’ and a ton of street cred for years to come. Never met this guy in my life before!

my nominees for a sunshine blogger award:

Lisa King – The Fulfilled Pharmacist – Lisa is a health and wellness advocate with a wealth of experience in living a wholesome and fulfilled life. She is one of the sweetest women I know and a genuine ray of sunshine.

Kimberly Frick – The Real Golden Girl – Just looking at any of Kimberley’s fashion posts will make you smile with her gorgeous photos, impeccable style and fabulous use of color. 

Katherine Manley – Divining Style – Katherine has the best sense of humor and has me laughing almost daily with her musings of life in general, and if anyone knows how to style a fabulous dress, Katherine does. 

Each one of these ladies will bring a ray of sunshine to your world.

the questions for my nominees:

  • What inspired you to start your blog?
  • Where do you hope your blog will take you?
  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  • Tell me 5 fun facts about yourself?

rules for this award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to his/her blog.
  • Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate other blogs and give questions for them to answer.
  • Notify your nominees through social media or by commenting on their blog.
  • List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.
As always, thank you for stopping by


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