FEEL LIKE GIVING UP on your fitness and eating plan! Thats what Debbie Lynn Cox…

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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019


FEEL LIKE GIVING UP on your fitness and eating plan!
Thats what Debbie Lynn Cox age 64 my client said to me today. And hey, I have been there!
She had a week where she felt more out of control and was tempted to go back to her unhealthy and easier choices she used to make. (this girl has lost over 30 lbs) ??? Now let’s get one thing straight! I am all about eating sweets and celebrating within reason.
But the majority of the time we need to eat healthy for our health and to reduce our chances of disease, not just to look hot – that’s a side benifit?
Oh and let me mention Debbie is now off all her medications! Even blood pressure and probably won’t need to use her sleep apnea mask anymore too. .
Part of this transformational journey is learning to trust yourself and your body. I reminded Debbie of how she has added so much muscle to her frame that her metabolism is now much higher! And she looks amazing! I

The worst thing you can do is let yourself get into that negative spiraling mindset of beating yourself up about it. That causes a snowball effect that lands us in the headspace of throwing in the towel. .

Don’t beat yourself up when you let go a little or a lot. It will be easier to get back on track if you are kind to yourself. .

I like to discuss creative ways with my clients to help keep and get them back on track with the right mindset and strategies.
Here are some of my tips:
Drink water – thirst can disguise itself as hunger.
Eat enough protein- it’s more satisfying and will stick with you. – late at night (when we are our weakest) when you open that fridge door and that I ice cream and cake is calling your name- strike a bargain with yourself and say- I can still have that in the morning if I want it! And will you – HELL no!
I am so proud of her!!! ❤️? #agingstrong #fitover50 #fitover50women #healthyagingmatters #onlineworkouts #onlinecoaching #beyondyourlimits #nevertoolate #healthcoaching #weightlossover50 #fitover60women



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