Free Grief Yoga Chair Class

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September 21, 2019
FALL SHRED Good morning Monday- I”m going to start a 10 day shred today because I’m going to @Fitp…
September 23, 2019


FREE Grief Yoga Chair Class

Release the Struggle

Your body remembers. Move through the pain that is holding you back to embrace more peace, and love.

Allow This 20-Minute Chair Class to Shift Your Day

  • Feel more present and quiet your mind
  • Release anger and fear
  • Tap you into your strength and courage

  • Set the tone for your day in an empowering way

  • Focus and shift your struggle

  • Flow with more ease and peace 

That’s what Grief Yoga is – Using movement, breath and sound to help transform the pain and struggle to more harmony and love.

“This morning I was feeling a little blue and distracted. I gave myself 20-minutes to do this class and immediately felt lighter and more connected. Thank you, Paul!”



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