GET GREAT GLUTES CAMPstarts SEPTEMBER 1st A Six week Challenge $97.00 Online…

Stay the course! How many times a week do you work out? I try to workout at le…
August 12, 2019
•GET GREAT GLUTES CAMP • . SEPTEMBER 1st for Six weeks . $97.00 . Online idea …
August 12, 2019


SEPTEMBER 1st ✅ A Six week Challenge ✅ $97.00 ✅ Online workouts and progressions sent to your inbox each week. •
✅ 4 days a week 30 min each workout.
✅ What’s included
1️⃣ Learn how to find your mind to muscle connection and why you probably have not been using this important tool.
2️⃣ activation drills, band work, proper form and tempo for maximum results
3️⃣ Squats, lunges and deadlifts, find your level
4️⃣ Plyometrics and explosive movements for booty building
5️⃣ Why adding Single leg Exercises are a must
6️⃣ Best Booty Band recommendations
7️⃣ anti inflammatory foods list to help your body flush toxins and reduce cellulite
8️⃣ Recipes: how to make your own cellulite scrubs
9️⃣ Online group support with weekly lives to keep you connected.
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