GIRL TALK! I love talking to women about health, fitness, fashion, workout routi…

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August 12, 2019
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August 12, 2019


I love talking to women about health, fitness, fashion, workout routines you name it! Anything and everything!
But I really like to get deep and find out what’s really going on in people’s hearts ♥️ .

As women we give so much (especially in my generation) you younger girls grew up in a time where you learned to set healthy boundaries for yourself. At least that’s what I have seen with my daughter and her friends. ? got off point there lol ?

Anyway I love being part of this generation of women rediscovering themselves again. Letting our hair go gray and icy silver. .

I know there was a time for me when I felt lost and disconnected from myself. My hopes and dreams were forgotten as I put others needs before mine. And as moms with families and as humans we do this lovingly and it can be a good thing until – IT GETS OUT OF BALANCE
And you’ve lost yourself! .

Then comes THE GREAT AWAKENING!! The kids are leaving, menopause hits, relationships change and the focus goes back on us. Our bodies are different and it can feel overwhelming like climbing a big mountain to get back in shape! Getting back to fitness and working out at this time is the BEST GIFT you can ever give yourself! It helps you to reconnect again with you! Suddenly you will remember YOU and all you childhood hopes and dreams! The body and mind are so connected??? .
For me, at this point in life, what I needed was a reboot to my fitness routine and my diet!
In fact, I ended up getting in the best shape of my life over age 50!
I’ve been a personal trainer now for over 30 years and have maneuvered my health and fitness through lots of life changes!
Dm me for a consult and to talk about a plan for you today!
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