HOT FLASHES ? . Are you in the stage of hot flashes and wondering what you can do about them? I wa…

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HOT ? FLASHES ???????????? .
Are you in the stage of hot flashes and wondering what you can do about them?
I was done with hot flashes at age 47. I was early and had started peri menopause at age 44.

One day I realized I was feeling a little more than the normal occasional blues and decided to go to the doctor about it. She ran some tests and diagnosed me as peri-menopause. I remember feeling grateful for the reason behind the way I was feeling. But soon came the hot flashes.
The best advice to control hot flashes I ever got was from a nurse that told me to not just workout but to workout HARD. Watch my wine intake and take something called Remifin. The later did nothing for me but the first two suggestions are what carried me through those years of miserable hot flashes .

These days at age 60 I’m on bio-identical hormones called Sotto Pelle. I was super skeptical about them at first. I had a client that had been using them for years and I saw how great they were for her.
Now days I suggest them for a lot of my clients dealing with hormonal issues. They are worth looking into if you can’t sleep at night and are dealing with other hormone related issues! .
They help with building muscle which leads to a higher metabolism and lower body fat. Now don’t get excited because it’s not a quick fix for weight loss. You still have to workout and eat the right foods consistently. But for woman in the later stages of menopause this measured little boost of hormones will help with your skin tone, sex drive and will help you sleep again. And we know how important this can be for getting fit. Talk to your naturopathic doctor about these! Or if you live in Portland Or I know of a great one!
Look up sottopelletherapy

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