HOTFLASHThe ESTROGEN made me do it! . . Estrogen always get the bad rap and rightfully so when we h…

Take four minutes out of your day and do this video with me. You will feel your core tomorrow and it…
November 7, 2019
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November 9, 2019


?HOTFLASH?The ESTROGEN made me do it! ??
Estrogen always get the bad rap and rightfully so when we have too much of it and it’s out of balance.
But when it’s in balance it can be our friend. It can help us burn body fat because it increases insulin sensitivity, decreases cellular fat storage and can suppress appetite so we eat normal amounts as opposed to over eating and binging.
As women get closer to menopause our estrogen lowers and we become less insulin sensitive storing more body fat especially in the belly area.
Researchers now know that doing HIIT for your hormones can help you regulate your estrogen and other hormones by helping your body become insulin sensitive again. This is one of the best ways to get rid of that menopause belly fat that can settle around the middle as we age. .
That’s why I’m loving helping the women in my HIIT for HORMONES challenge. It’s do fun to see the changes and to know that it’s going to make a difference and give them the edge on their health at this age. We all know a wider girth leads to a high BMI and that it’s just not good for our hearts and out health!
What kind of HIIT do you do and how often?

Have you noticed a difference when you do it consistently? Less hot flashes a difference in your belly fat?

Tag someone that needs this! .
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