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January 17, 2019
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January 17, 2019


Let’s slip into something more comfortable, shall we? With the holidays fast approaching, we don’t want to feel trussed up like a Butterball turkey in our party regalia. If you prefer the holidays with free-range rather than restricted movement, fearing your outfit may tear, snag, catch on something or simply bust open at the seams in its efforts to relieve itself of your person, then consider a slip dress. 

For many reasons, the slip is a wardrobe staple. Not least of all because it can be worn so many ways and not just as it was originally intended… as a cocktail dress. Wear it to glamorous parties adorned with jewels and fur, but also dress it down for an everyday casual look. The best part is, it’s one heck of a sexy dress and it’s not going to give up the ghost on you, no matter how much of that Butterball you tuck away over the season!


Most often the slip dress comes in satin or silk with delicate spaghetti straps to mimic the original under-garment that was its inspiration. They’re often cut on the bias and skim the body or hang loose… all the better for that big ole Butterball! Here I show it worn as it was designed for a special event, and below with the addition of a fur shawl to keep the evening chill at bay. Add a bejeweled choker or pave necklace for added party pizzazz. 


A dress that has the flexibility for day or evening wear is a sure win – versatility is the name of the wiser wardrobe game! However, daytime can be tough to pull off a slip dress without looking as though you’re trying to steal your way home from an unexpected sleep over, perhaps even feeling somewhat vulnerable. 

Call in the cavalry by way of layers. Wear a smooth fitted tee under the dress. This can be long or short sleeved and it doesn’t have to be white.  An olive-green tee makes a great under layer if your slip dress is black, and a graphic tee adds a fun urban feel paired with sneakers if you’re running errands.  

A body suit is perfect when layering your slip dress over a top. It stays in place without riding up and/or causing any bulk around the midriff.  Makes for a smooth concern-free layer.


Now we’re getting super gritty.  Sporty spice combined with edgy street style provides all the free-range movement one needs without compromising on style… what-so-ever!

A loose fitting sweater worn on top turns the dress into a skirt.  Mid length satin skirts paired with chunky sweaters are a leading trend right now. But don’t waste your money on the skirt, buy a slip dress and turn it into a skirt with the addition of a sweater when the mood takes you! 


This look is easily converted into a dressier outfit by replacing the sock sneakers with heels. These sneakers were made even sockier (a word I just made up) by way of the protruding gold stripe ankle socks for an all-in wrestler vibe! The twist knot back of the sweater adds a sexy surprise to the rear view, even more so if I were a wrestler!


A moto jackets’ work is never done, it keeps on going with whatever trends are thrown into the ring (I can’t let go of the wrestling theme!). In case you didn’t think this would work, here it is on the job, creating that blissful tension we all love between the feminine (slip dress) and the tough (biker jacket).  Cozy this look up with a colorful over-sized chunky scarf wrapped around the neck and ankle boots. 


The next outfit proves that this dress not only works many styles, but also works many seasons. An over-sized chunky sweater belted to create a more slimline silhouette and snake print ankle boots looks a chill day straight in the eye. 

Take away the belt, let the sweater swing free and change out the shoes for big daddy sneakers and you have a cute playful daytime look. 


In conclusion, the slip dress is clearly a garment that makes for an endless number of outfits given the different shoes and boots that can be paired with it, the tops that can be worn under or over it, various jewelry, other accessories, jackets, coats and colors etc.

So, six ways to Sunday is an extreme understatement but I always like to promise small and deliver big!  The slip dress is true to form – it goes above and beyond! 

I’ve linked several slip dresses below some of which are on sale, as well as other similar pieces worn in these looks.

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