I am living proof that being fit and feeling fabulous is always waiting for us-even after 50. I enc…

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October 6, 2019
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October 9, 2019


I am living proof that being fit and feeling fabulous is always waiting for us-even after 50.
I encourage you to hang in there no matter what you are going through because at anytime your life can make a sudden turnaround. I believe fitness can be one of the vehicles that can bring that turnaround as it was for me.
Just a little over 5 years ago my 30 year marriage was on the rocks, I had an autoimmune disease that affected my skin, I looked like I had ring- worm all over my body. To top it off I was in menopause, had gained weight and felt clueless about how to get rid of it.
Then, at age 54 a friend talked me into doing a bikini competition with her. I never thought of myself as a “bikini competition” person, but I craved something new and this was a part of my wheelhouse since I am a personal trainer.
When I found the strength to chase my dreams, I also found the muscle necessary to be true to myself and leave a long-term toxic relationship.
I found focusing on something “for me” was the one thing that I needed. Chasing after a positive goal helped me to come alive and find myself again. It gave me the confidence I needed to know I could survive on my own.
That’s exactly what happened, I stepped out of my comfort zone and found “me” again. My old dreams that I had put aside for years were starting to resurface. After a few more bikini competitions under my belt I began fitness modeling and launched my own online fitness brand called Modern Bodies Fitness. It offers workouts, meal plans, and mindset coaching designed for the mid life women that wants to redefine and redirect her own aging experience. Modern Bodies is not for the woman that wants to look younger, its for the woman that refuses to give into age old stereotypes telling us how we should look at any certain age. In Modern Bodies our motto is: don’t listen to the haters, doubters and the naysayers telling us we have to look and act a certain way as we get older. We refuse to give up on our dreams, dreams for our bodies, dreams for our lives and for what we still have inside us to create and share with the world.
I have seen it happen in my life and in others, when we choose to get healthy!