I found myself with lots of time on my hands today- I flew to Spokane WA with my husband for busine…

I finally got some solid hours of drawing for personal projects (which is SO rar…
August 18, 2019
In Modern Bodies I offer lots of ways to modify the exercises if you need. That way you can work up …
August 18, 2019


I found myself with lots of time on my hands today- I flew to Spokane WA with my husband for business and have been thinking about some of the posts I’ve been reading on instagram. .

I’m pretty new to being an online personal trainer on this platform and it has been a real education finding my way of marketing myself and figuring out who my avatar client is. .
Although I have trained women for over 20 years it has proved to be a totally different ball game getting clients when you are marketing yourself to a cold market and people don’t know you. .
Because my target client is women going through midlife changes I find myself recently getting stuck on marketing to them that they can have the body they have always wanted at any age. I believe this because I got my best body over 50 and… so have a lot of other women these days. .
I think it’s great all the body positivity and positive aging movements that are going are springing up and I’m all for accepting ourselves. In fact I think that the most most important thing you can do is to learn to love yourself. .
I have always wanted to stay in shape and look good for as long as I possibly can. Not look younger, but maybe ageless is a better term for it. Lately though after I read a post about positive aging I sometimes feel a little guilty for dying my hair, not wanting yet to go grey, or getting a little Botox… .
But I don’t want to let 60 define me- I want to design and define my own 60. .
I’ve though a lot about this and I think for the most part this movement is saying .. be you … be free to be who you want to be – that being a real woman is being whoever the hell she wants to be! Whether that means curvy, skinny or with big muscles. And I add… But never without trying your best to be healthy and make some type of exercise and movement a big part of your life! ..
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