I know I’ve shared this before but did you know it took me 10 years to graduate …

LETTING GO. That was my intention for this weekend. Do you ever go on vacation and then realize how…
September 16, 2019
What is ADK?
September 17, 2019


I know I’ve shared this before but did you know it took me 10 years to graduate college? It began with me denying my inner artist and trying to find a “real” major. This resulted in me being undeclared for 2 years while I desperately searched for something to major in that would lead to a career. At the same time I was battling undiagnosed bipolar disorder alongside debilitating ocd. I dropped out of college and ended up back home feeling like a failure. While my peers were graduating and getting jobs at prestigious financial institutions or going on to law school , I was losing My battle with mental illness. Thank god for my amazing parents who supported me both emotionally and financially during this time. They encouraged my art as a form of therapy and even encouraged me to pursue it as a career one day. At this point I couldn’t even see myself as being able to ever have a steady job due to the volatile and unpredictable nature of bipolar disorder and the agoraphobia I experienced from my anxiety which left me unwilling to leave my house at times. Anyway sorry to ramble but I did end up enrolling at FIT but briefly leaving to enter a mental treatment facility where I received life changing electro convulsive shock therapy. I graduated in 2016, 10 years after finishing high school. I used to be so embarrassed by this fact but you know what, who cares? So I didn’t make any 30 under 30 list. Life goes on. Now I get paid to draw unicorns and hopefully one day I’ll have a line of products with my patterns on them. Anyway if you made it this far I guess my point is don’t get down on yourself if you’re not where you wanna be or you’re not as far along in your career as your peers it’s ok! It’s never too late to do something great. I look up to @lisacongdon who began her illustration career at 40 and is now internationally celebrated and one of the busiest people in the biz! How about @baddiewinkle i mean hello!!! Loving her best life! It’s never too late!!!
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