It has taken me most of my life but at age 60 I finally like myself. That may sound weird but transp…

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August 19, 2019
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August 19, 2019


It has taken me most of my life but at age 60 I finally like myself. That may sound weird but transparency has become very important to me these days. I think that comes with age…who wants to keep wearing a mask all the time… energy is a precious resource and needs to be positively directed. It feels good to be me and to just get real.
Getting older does have some great perks. One is that you finally get your shit figured out. .
During my teen years I was a juvenile delinquent. At age 12 I ran away from home and by 16 I was living in a group home for wayward girls that didn’t have stable homes to go home to. I’m lucky to be alive, some of my teenage friends were not so lucky. I did drugs and skipped school and was basically angry at my parents for not being there for me. I was always looking for trouble and fun. .
By the time I turned 18 with the help and love of some good people I had straightened up. I graduated from high school and set my path on being a good girl. Closing the door on that part of my life forever I chose to hide it and never talked about it. My delinquent past was always a source of shame for me. But enough time has passed and I’ve become much more accepting of my self- and why not I’ve always tried my best to be accepting of others – why not love myself like I love others – do unto others.. as you would do unto yourself.. the golden rule is for our own good too. We can’t really know how to love others until we love ourselves. .
So I love the new and older version of me! .
We can always change and become a better version of ourselves- thank you Madonna!.
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