Lemon & Ginger No-Bake Family Cheesecake

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December 16, 2019
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Tangy lemon cheesecake on top of a crunchy ginger base. Perfect No-Bake cheesecake for all of the family.


  • 180g Crushed Ginger Nut Biscuits
  • 125g Melted Butter
  • 360g Soft Cream Cheese
  • 284ml Double Cream
  • 100g Icing Sugar
  • 2 Medium Lemons (Zest & Juice)
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract


  1. Line an 9″ round cake tin with baking parchment or reusable liner
  2. Mix the ginger biscuits and melted butter together until combined and add to the base of the cake tin. Press down until evenly distributed and quite solid. Refridgerate for 30 mins min
  3. In a large mixing bowl, place the cream cheese, double cream, vanilla and lemon zest & juice. Combine using an electric whisk until thickens – I whisk for approx 4-5 minutes then scrape down the sides.
  4. Fold in the icing sugar and continue to whisk until really thick.
  5. Add the cheesecake mix on top of the ginger biscuit base and pop back in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferable overnight
  6. Decorate with thin slices of lemon and more crushed ginger biscuits

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