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October 22, 2019
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October 23, 2019


CarolAnn Tutera is the Leading Lady of Authentic Aging and recently made the front cover of Loving Life after 50!

SottoPelle® was created and has subsequently flourished because of her dedication to people and improving the quality of their lives. The next step and evolution for SottoPelle is to support the growth of empowerment in the fifty and over age demographic. CarolAnn understands and advocates that “you can be the best you want to be at any age”. Agism and the negative connotations associated with getting older are slowly dissipating under the careful watch of CarolAnn Tutera. Her newly launched podcast “Adventures in Aging “on iTunes candidly explores the complexities, challenges and obtainable joy that can be achieved with humor and balance.  Read more about CarolAnn’s efforts to lead by example and help everyone be the best they can be at ANY AGE!

Do you have a story to tell on how your life changed for the better after 50? Contact us via email at marketing@sphrt.com and share your positive experiences and wisdom today.


Source:  https://lovinlife.com/leading-lady-of-authentic-aging/



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