My @fitposium podcast is out! You’re never too old to chase after your dreams. Just 5 years ago, …

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August 24, 2019
My workout room is my closet! I’m loving this one shoulder dress! Anyone else love shopping @revolve…
August 24, 2019


My @fitposium podcast is out!
You’re never too old to chase after your dreams.
Just 5 years ago, I was feeling really stuck in life. I was in a 30 year relationship that progressively got worse, year after year, no matter how hard we tried to make it work. I could see no way out. All the years of negativity had left me feeling really bad about myself. Being told I could not make it on my own, I believed the lie.
Signs of stress were showing up in my health. I developed an auto-immune disease that left me with large, round, itchy patches all over my body(cleared up now). Not growing or moving forward, I honestly was not heading in a good direction in life. I was angry at how my life was going and frustrated because I was feeling powerless. Deep down I always had my dreams that gave me hope one day I would be in a place I could express myself and be me! My dreams soothed me like a balm after every hurtful, wounding argument with my husband at that time.
Sometimes, our dreams are all we have! Hold on to them! Keep visualizing and be bold. They are the key to what is good and can be your way out of a negative life. I held onto my dreams and life changed. I found my “lady balls” and moved on creating a life that’s my own and now sharing it with a strong man who is secure enough to love me support my dreams. @swimminginmiracles
I’m now 61, if I can do it you can too! Don’t let age stop you! #itsnevertoolate
Go to @Fitposium Apple podcasts to listen- hey it’s only 20 min -please leave a review if you feel moved to do so!

Thank you @jpatrickphoto for this photo and one of the fabulous people I have met along the way! My mastermind badass friends
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