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January 17, 2019
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January 17, 2019


        I felt myself floating upward toward wakefulness. As I lay in bed the sheets were soft against my skin and my husband snored lightly beside me and I wondered, why am I waking up again? I remembered getting up at three thirty to use the bathroom and though my eyes weren’t open I knew it was still dark outside and therefor still early.

      Suddenly a beautiful white light dominated my mind and I saw a mass of energy shimmering and bright, floating weightless and magnificent before me. I knew that I wasn’t dreaming but I wasn’t fully awake either. I watched in utter fascination as thelight swayed gently and I realized that the light was me. It was my soul body.  

        The energy was alive and seemed to flow in and out like breath. It was like watching fog dance and Irealized that someone was actually moving the energy. Is it an angel? I wondered. A guide? Someone is clearing my field. Oh, how beautiful and extraordinary. I thought.  

      As the white light swayed I saw a dark, muddy looking mass being lifted out. Seeing this alarmed me and I thought, what is that? Is it some kind of negative energy? But then I relaxed and let go. I watched the clearing of my energetic field until eventually I fell back to sleep.   

       Two weeks prior I’d ruptured a disc in my neck andstill woke up with pain each day. When I woke up again that morning I had no pain. I mean none. I was astonished and I hurried down the stairs,  

      “Dylan,” I called, “listen to what happened last night. You won’t believe it.” I said to my husband as he made his espresso.I have no pain.”  

      I told him everything as we sat having breakfast.

      “Isn’t it amazing?” I asked.  

      Before he could answer me the phone rang. It was my longtime friend Kaye Sturgis who is an astrologer,writer, and psychic among so many other things.  

    “Kaye,” I said, “I had the craziest experience last night,” and again I shared what I’d seen. Kaye laughed and asked, “How did you feel when you woke up this morning?”  

     “I felt great.” I said. “I woke up for the first time in weeks with no pain. Why do you ask?”

       “Larry wanted to know because he did a healing on you this morning at about seven-thirty. I knew you wouldn’t mind,” she finished.  

Larry is Kayes husband and they are three hours ahead of AZ time which meant it was four-thirty our time. My skin hummed with goosebumps.   

     I was stunned at the news. I hadn’t known that Larry was a healer. Kaye gave me the name of another spiritual healer that she recommended too. I didn’t use that healer instead I happily paid Larry for more healing sessions. I was still experiencing some nerve pain which diminished a little each day. 

     I continue to progress and my pain is nearly gone. Even in my life of amazing things I was delighted and surprised with my experience. A thousand thank yous to my friend and healer Larry. Isn’t spirit and the world truly amazing and full of divine design even if we don’t understand it? I am deeply humbled by her mystery.    


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