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Berry Breakfast Bowls- Mini French Toast Casseroles
February 13, 2019
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Protein Quinoa & Bean Burrito Wrap
February 14, 2019


They say when little girls grow up they marry their daddy.  I was one of those little girls.  I had the best daddy in the world, and now I’m all grown up I have the best husband. I am truly blessed to have experienced only good men in my life, I know there are many women who are not as fortunate.

The man behind the camera!
This is Brian.  We met at work, I was his boss (still am!), we fell in love and were married within eight months at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in 2001. 

It’s a wonderful thing when your partner in life has so many qualities you wish you had.  I believe that’s one of the keys to a happy marriage, because your respect for that person doesn’t falter, and when you respect someone, you tend not to take them for granted.  

His ability to love runs deep and genuine.  I put that down to his parents who are still together today and eloped and got married at 17 years old!  He loves deeply and cherishes our marriage.  I know for him, it’s one of the most important things in his life.

His quietly confident manner is re-assuring and comforting.  Yet he is sensitive and therefore very intuitive of other people’s needs.  He’s always learning, reading, listening, as a result he’s very smart and knowledgeable.

His kindness extends to anyone he encounters.  His ability to always say the right thing to put someone at ease and make them feel comfortable is extraordinary.  With this same ability, he can defuse a volatile situation instantly and create calm where once there was chaos.  But he is passionate and passionate in his beliefs, yet open to rational discussion. He can talk about any subject matter without ever falling-out or making the other person feel inadequate, because he knows his own mind and he is his own man.


He’s also drop dead gorgeous in my opinion!
He’s eight or nine years younger than me, depending on what month of the year it is!  Despite this, he seems to have a lot of ailments.  I joke! He just seems to hurt himself a lot, whether it be playing tennis or doing laundry! Yes, really – he does laundry,  irons his own clothes,  does jobs around the house, cooks (most of the time), washes the dishes (so I don’t ruin my manicure), and every morning when he brings me a cup of tea he snuggles me awake or if that doesn’t work (I’m difficult to wake up),  he dances a little jig!  Then he makes me another cup of tea before he leaves for work. I’m spoiled I know!

He supports everything I do in every way, and others too.  Encouragement, help, assistance, a shoulder to lean on. We had a miscarriage 17 years ago, so we never got to meet our baby girl properly. We do enjoy our fur babies immensely.   Here he is supporting our little guy, Rigsby, trying to help him overcome his fear of the pool. He never did overcome it, he just doesn’t like the pool! 


Every day he tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am, many times.  When I question the “beautiful”, he tells me off for not trusting or believing him.

He never holds grudges (me neither).  Even if we have a disagreement (usually my fault) he instantly gets over it, and we move on.  I couldn’t tell you what we last fought about or disagreed on.  But I could tell you the last time he made me laugh, he does that often, at least once a day!


Marriage is a wonderful thing when two people make each other so happy.  We are both fortunate to have found each other.  He’s not perfect by any means as are none of us, but to me his faults are worth living with, otherwise what else would I have to make my girlfriends laugh about when we get together!  And, if he were perfect, I wouldn’t be able to blame everything on him, and that would be no fun either!

A recent pic taken of us eight weeks ago!
Happy Valentines day to you all!
​Wherever you are, whatever you do to celebrate, I hope that you will be surrounded by love.
As always, thank you for stopping by


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