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As a fashionista with a weakness for a cute trending handbag, it can be a costly endeavor and let’s be honest, not all trends are here to stay or are worthy of a lofty price tag. If it takes three lifetimes to achieve a reasonable cost-per-wear then it’s one I’ll skip… NEXT!

However, this trend started floating about last year and all kinds of beaded bags have continued and still are a huge hit. But there is one that all others aspire to be and according to “Who What Wear”, the one that wears the crown is the Antonia Faux Pearl bag by Shrimps.


Shrimps Antonia Faux Pearl Bag AW19 Collection $570.00

Here is the pearly delight I am referring to, this trending faux pearl bag by British designer Shrimps. It retails for a princely sum and is rightly fit for a princess! However, all this regal speak doesn’t help this royal subject get any closer to the prize!

This season has many “it” bags, not least of all those with top handles, beads of any kind, and those with an almost childlike playful personality. Of course, this faux pearl bag has it all, it’s the envy of its peers.

Finding myself unable to justify the price, after all this is not your everyday handbag, that cost-per-wear issue raising its annoying head. It’s not a bag to be worn to work (unless you’re a princess), and it’s certainly not a bag that one would run to the grocery store with, or would you? As Jackie Kennedy once said, “Pearls are always appropriate!” But sometimes the price is not… say I! 

But the world is my oyster and it’s my job to find the pearl!


Miuco Faux Pearl Bag $69.99

And without further ado (drum roll), I found the pearl in my oyster! The spitting image, a magnificent dupe, this little gem gave me no trouble whatsoever to justify it’s being! The Miuco version, a mere fraction of the high-end designer price but with all the feels! 


Guess which one of the two bags this is!

And now for the best part, the pearls of wisdom! The Miuco bag is amazingly well made. The pearls have a beautiful luster and are firmly woven together. The gray inner lining is perfectly attached and includes a small side pocket. The measurements and dimensions are much the same as the Shrimps bag, it’s small, boxy and sturdy.

It comes with its own dust bag and a satin scarf tie – a gift that can be used to tie around the handles of this bag or any other bag. A satin pouch the same color as the bag lining is also included in your Miuco purchase, it draws together with a tulle ribbon finished off with pearl ball pom poms! Ideal to hide anything you don’t want on display in your bag – I keep my wallet inside the pouch. 


So off to lunch I go, my inexpensive regal bag in hand, getting all the stares! 


Another day, another happy hour, and another opportunity to bring out my party piece!


Not surprisingly, the Miuco bag has an amazing number of five-star reviews online!  One of them is mine! 


It seems to go with anything, it’s a statement all on its own. It’s also a fabulous way to dress up jeans for day or evening, and literally lifts the frivolous tone of any outfit to party status, and if there’s no party, who cares, you’ve got an arm party going on!

I’ve linked both the Shrimps and the Miuco pearl bag below should you feel like a little (or a large) splurge to update your accessory inventory! In addition, I’ve added a few other hot topic beaded bags with which to indulge the senses. Whichever you decide, any of these bags will bring you pearls of joy! 

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