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June 6, 2019
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June 6, 2019


Tennis players and golfers are bound to own a skort or two, that ingenious invention of a miniskirt with a built-in pair of shorts underneath. Undoubtedly, ruffled miniskirts minus the risk of over exposure was a tempting draw to the game of tennis for me! 

The skort is equally as practical off the court or the fairway! When it comes to bending over, a gust of wind, getting in and out of cars, the color of your panties will remain your secret! 





This skort is from Zara, linked HERE. It’s extremely well made, the built-in shorts are the same material as the skirt, creating fluidity should that gust of wind take off. It’s light weight and very cool (viscose) and the shorts underneath are loose fitting. Why buy a skirt when you can buy a skirt and a pair of shorts in one go. It’s like layering without the effort! 

I “spot” yet another trend here, the white dotty design on the black background is super cute, and whilst it’s not exactly polka dots, it’s a subtle alternative.

It comes with a same fabric tie belt. Now we have a skirt, shorts and a belt… oh, and a hairband (should you choose to wear the belt as a hair tie instead) all for the price of $29.90. The great thing is that you can change out the belt for any other medley of belts to suit the occasion, there are belt loops too! 

You know I’m going to style these shorts a zillion ways, so keep a look out on my Instagram feed for outfits of the day featuring this skort. You’ll be seeing it on repeat all summer long! 

Oh, and how does this skort measure up on the Above and Beblonde V (versatility) scale? I give it 4 stars. The only reason it didn’t make 5 stars is because I can’t use it for tennis – the loose shorts means nowhere to put my balls ha ha, and no pockets means nowhere to put my hands! 

Long story skort… it was the best skort story she ever wrote! Sorry had to do it! 


Click on the picture to take you to the item at Zara.
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