Transforming Heartbreak Into Healing

Witnessing Grief – Grief Yoga
January 21, 2019
Transform Heartbreak into Healing
January 21, 2019


Finding Peace After Heartbreak  Connecting to a wound of the heart and being open to lessons from this heartbreak.

Transforming Abandonment  A restorative class about taking our power back and trusting the connection within. 

Releasing Anger – Using the anger as fuel for healing to create powerful transformation moving forward. 

Getting Unstuck – Using breath and movement to release where you’re feeling stuck to flow with ease and grace.

Healing After Betrayal – This empowering class helps release challenging emotions to help reopen the heart to heal.

The Warrior Within – Embrace your resilience and courage to stop leaking your power away and reclaim your roar.

Breaking the Pattern – Expressive ways to release old patterns to create healthy habits to support your new vision.

Planting Seeds of Hope –  A meditative flow to connect to hope for better days and planting seeds of new life moving forward.

Harmony Flow – Find your flow in this inspiring, energizing class using movement and positive affirmations to lift your spirit.

Finding Joy – This playful class uses laughter yoga as medicine to help take a step into happiness. Reconnect with your joy!


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