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Featured Doc – Kristin Black, MD
September 20, 2019
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September 21, 2019


Growing up on the fringe of the English countryside involved endless days playing in the woods, long bike rides through country lanes gathering wild blackberries along the way, and many an adventure with school friends exploring previously uncharted territory for mysteries that needed to be solved! This was the norm during the school holidays. It was an idyllic childhood, and undoubtedly the foundation upon which my love of country style began. Yet despite this I did not hesitate to abandon the familiar territory and dip my well-traveled rural young toes into a cosmopolitan metropolis and start my career in some of the swankiest hotels in London.
Our uniforms were stylish and chic including the shoes. The long shifts took their toll on my feet but did not deter my enthusiasm for a stylish shoe! That was then, when style inevitably compromised comfort, and my feet suffered accordingly! Forty years on, now in Arizona, my enthusiasm for a stylish shoe has never waned, but style AND comfort is a blessing and a necessity for my not-so-young-anymore toes!

As summer melts down into fall, excitement for the trends of the new season mounts. I couldn’t help but notice one company pounding the pavement during London Fashion Week this month… Vionic Shoes were making some serious footwear waves with their new collections, leading the way in style AND comfort! Just what the foot doctor ordered! 

Vionic’s innovative design of pain relief footwear that also comes with an Above and Beblonde seal of approval in the style department, began by renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli who invented the first heat-molded orthotics for the foot. Today Vionic shoes are trusted and approved by experts, although given how stylish they look you wouldn’t think so… these are not what you’d expect a podiatrist-designed boot to look like, this is a clodhopper-free zone!


I was drawn to the Mana Bootie in weather resistant suede, satisfying my love for both town and country style. The color is Greige, aptly named as a cross between gray and beige, a perfect neutral for fall, capable of combining with any fall/winter color combo. The Vionic booties appealed to my inner child with a sense of adventure, a sort of modern-day Lara Croft seeking desert adventures but looking way too cool for school! The stylish double strap detail in a darker brown tone and decorative hardware gives this boot a rugged edginess with plenty of swagger! Perfect for town or country.

Worn super casual with leggings and accessorized with English country dog or paired with jeans, a shirt and funky beads, these booties are nothing short of fabulous. As for comfort, the Vionic technology provides a superior orthotic support which helps realign the feet back to their natural position. For that reason, they suggest wearing them for just a few hours the first few days to get used to the additional support! Whilst I did notice a difference from my normal shoes when I first wore them, my feet adapted very quickly to the newfound comfort. 

I do love a heel, but boots and heels are not always foot friendly. The Mana bootie heel height is ideal. At 1.8 inches they make for a comfortable walk-all-day bootie and provide enough height to feel slightly elevated.

If you’re feet have reached a point in time where comfort AND style is a necessity then take a step in the right direction and check out Vionic shoes for their full product selection, they have a wide variety of styles to choose from including sizes in wide fit as well as medium. These boots are made for walking, but you’ll have to get your own boots to walk in, cos nobody’s walking a mile in my Vionic boots!
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