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After Simone’s spin class yesterday…a full moon workout …
August 22, 2019
Me and mine #truelove…
August 22, 2019


   The Eagles hit song, I Can’t Tell You Why, blasted over the radio as I pulled to stop at the light. I sang along with gusto, completely off key, you don’t have to worry just hold on tight, when suddenly I was catapulted across two lanes of traffic, landing in the center divider. A loud ringing exploded in my ears. My shoulder began to throb where my seatbelt held me tight. I didn’t hear the crush of metal or see the car as it barreled into the rear of my opal. I sat stunned and thought, I knew I shouldn’t turn here. The voice in my mind had said, don’t turn here. Wait until Tyler Boulevard. But, I ignored it and here I was.
       Intuition comes in different ways for each of us. Intuition is not instinct, it is a knowing. It can show up as a warning or as simple knowledge. Over the years countless people have shared their stories of intuition and then asking me, “Is it real?”
Most recently, a friend called me one afternoon and in an excited voice she said,
     “You’re not going to believe this. I was in Whole Foods at the checkout counter talking with the clerk when all of a sudden, I saw the image of one of my clients superimposed on the clerks face! It was completely random. I wasn’t thinking about that person at all. It lasted only seconds and in the next moment the person whose face I saw, walked past me from behind! It was crazy! Did it really happen or did I make it up?” 
    I said, “You didn’t make it up. It was your intuition.”
       Intuition is that spontaneous flash in our mind, or a feeling, or voice that comes seemingly, out of nowhere. It manifests as a feeling of foreboding, or a precognitive knowing of triumph. Intuition is the wash of goose flesh that races across our body, or an understanding that we have without empirical evidence to say that it’s so. It is an insight that reveals an otherwise hidden truth. However it shows up one thing is clear, we all have it. It is so common that it is hard to find someone who has not experienced intuition in one way or another. Why then, do we want to judge the experience as “woo-woo,” or “imagination?” 
     The single most asked question from clients is, “How can I connect with my intuition?”  The answer is that there are numerous ways we can learn to identify and improve our ability to connect with this natural part of ourselves. One way is to, “meditate.” Some will tell us, “Ask your angels or guides.” Others say, “Ask your dreams to show you.”  I am a fan of meditation but many people simply aren’t drawn to it. Another effective approach is to use directed thought. Using directed thought or intention is simple. It’s three steps and takes only a few minutes. 
1.    Focus your attention to the center of your chest. You may want to use your non-dominate hand and tap lightly in this area. When you feel your focus shift to this area take the next step.
2.    Visualize a funnel that begins at your heart center and opens upward toward the heavens. This opens a channel to your highest source. When you’re ready, take the next step.
3.    Mentally speak your directed thought, today I align with my intuition and allow myself to hear it, see it, or feel it, or I am open to my intuition however it may manifest. Remember your intent throughout your day. 
After that all we need to do is pay attention. Don’t be discouraged if your intuition doesn’t show up immediately. It takes practice. Practice the three step exercise every day. Notice how intuition manifests for you. If it is a feeling, where do you feel it in your body? Once you feel it, acknowledge it. If you hear it, how is it different from your thoughts? Again, it is important to acknowledge it. If you see it, accept it and acknowledge it. In the beginning we need only to notice and acknowledge when we experience our intuition. Don’t over think it or attach an outcome or meaning to it. Like, just before the phone rings we know who it is. Stop there and simply acknowledge. But then we go further and think, I know what they want….  Doing that tends to make us right or wrong. Start by observing and accepting. As we use it we learn to trust it and our intuition grows. Good luck! 



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